Welding Students Redesign Jeep

Left to right: Bruce Albee, CJ Danekas, Robert White, Alex Hickey, Gina Fox, Harrison Newheart, Trent Howard, Bobby Campbell. Not pictured, Colby Holzman.

While most schools focus only on welding in the booth and certifications, ATU specializes in fabricating. All students pictured obtained their welding certifications within their first two semesters, so their instructor, CJ Danekas, had to be creative. He decided the jeep was the perfect challenge for them to work on.
The jeep was delivered early June for the Summer term. They cut the jeep in half and a new rear half cage was fabricated, tying into the existing frame. All panels were hand cut by the students themselves and welded in place. “There are not many schools in the state whose students can successfully redesign the frame of a vehicle,” stated instructor CJ Danekas.
This is just one example of ATU-Ozark students exceeding expectations. Great work!

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