ATU-Ozark Hosts Advisory Board Meeting

Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus hosted the fall 2018 meeting of the ATU-Ozark Advisory Board in October.

Local industry leaders met with ATU-Ozark faculty and staff members to discuss current industry trends and standards. Board members were greeted with a dinner hosted by ATU-Ozark followed by a brief presentation on the campus before visiting various locations on campus related to their field.

Advisory board members are represented across six counties in numerous industries, including cosmetology, law enforcement, welding technology, business technology/banking and more.

Each program advisory committee advises the faculty, staff and administration on curriculum, equipment, instructional materials, safety requirement, program evaluation and other related matters in order to verify that the programs meet industry standards.

The volunteer advisory committees support the numerous programs at ATU-Ozark and serve as assets for the institution’s ability to fulfill its mission to serve students with quality education and learning.

“Advisory Board members deserve both our appreciation and recognition for their participation, dedication, and contributions of time, knowledge and energy to provide a rich educational experience which will prepare them to better compete in business and industry,” said Dr. Michael R. Murders, chief academic officer at ATU-Ozark. “We sincerely thank each and every industry partner and individual who continues to support ATU-Ozark and encourage students to be the industry leaders of the future.”

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