Ozark Campus Students Visit Capital City


The Chancellor’s Leadership Cabinet of Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus attended the 87th General Assembly – Fiscal Session earlier this week.

The students were welcomed to the Capital City by Representative John Hoyt, Representative John Paul Wells and Representative Robert Dale.  Phil Jacobs, vice president for governmental relations at Arkansas Tech also greeted the students.

Throughout the day, the students also met Representative Steve Breedlove, Representative George Overby, Representative Beverly Pyle and Representative Shane Broadway.

In addition to observing the session, the students also had the opportunity to tour the building.

Bridgett Robertson, CLC member, stated, “It’s an amazing opportunity to serve on the Chancellor’s Leadership Cabinet, and the trip was educationally life-changing, motivating and just an awesome experience.”

The group traveling to Little Rock included: (Left to Right) Zeng Her, Bridgett Robertson, Chris Caplena, Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, Cassie Edwards, Erin Stovall and Gail Buchanan.