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Ozark Campus offers night classes in Russellville

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This fall Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus, the regional provider for career and technical education, is offering five night classes in Russellville.

The technical coursework, which begins Wednesday, Aug. 22 and will be held at the Arkansas Tech Career Center, will lead into the following career fields: law enforcement, automotive technology, welding technology and computer science.

Gasoline Engine Theory will be held 5:30-7:50 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Both Programming I and American Legal System will be held 5:30-8:20 p.m. Wednesday, and both Technical Mathematics I and Gas Tungston ARC (TIG) Welding will be held 5:30-8:20 p.m. Thursday.

The Career Center, which provides 10 industry-driven, job-specific programs to high school students from Pope, Yell and Johnson counties to prepare them for immediate employment or further education, is located at 2201 S. Knoxville Ave., behind Russellville High School. Registration is now open. For more information, call (479) 667-2117.

Gasoline Engine Theory: Students learn different aspects of an engine – cooling, lubrication, intake and exhaust systems, vehicle maintenance, schematics and flow charts. Also, students learn the proper use and care of tools and equipment.

Programming I: Students use Microsoft Visual Basic programming to design applications using variables and constants using logical thinking skills. No prior programming skill is necessary.

American Legal System: Covers a wide variety of law enforcement topics, including a brief history, civil procedure, constitutional law, common law and administrative regulation with particular emphasis on the ethical, sociocultural and political influences affecting such environments.

Technical Mathematics I: Comprehensive study of math as applied to business, covering areas such as banking, payroll, business statistics and other selected topics.

Gas Tungston ARC (TIG) Welding: Focuses on shielding gases, equipment and feasible use situations.