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Ozark Campus kicks off ‘Recyclemania’ with help of sustainability coordinator

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On Monday, Jan. 23, Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus kicks off “Recyclemania,” a friendly competition among college recycling programs.

For 10 weeks each spring, schools participating in Recyclemania compete to reduce waste, increase recycling and raise awareness of conservation issues across campus. Students are encouraged to recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic and cardboard.

The Ozark Campus’ effort – one of only two in the state – is being spearheaded by its newest staff member, Sustainability Coordinator James Goodhand, who joined the Ozark Campus earlier this month.

A graduate of the University of Georgia at Athens, where he received a bachelor’s degree in environmental economics and management, Goodhand, 23, coordinates all recycling initiatives for the Ozark Campus.

He said Recyclemania has several categories, including “percentage of total waste recycled.”

“We’re reporting our total recycling per capita as weighed by DC Trash, our trash service, every week,” he said.

The competition was started in 2001 through a partnership between Keep America Beautiful, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Wastewise program and the College and University Recycling Coalition.

An Energy Corps member, Goodhand said prizes, such as grant money, are given to schools with top-10 rates of improvement from beginning to end of the competition period.

A large recycling dumpster has been placed in the Student Services parking lot, off Highway 23, where Goodhand said students, faculty, staff and visitors are encouraged to recycle their waste. Also, the Ozark Campus has received 32 new recycle bins to add to the receptacles already placed throughout campus.

Ken Warden, chief business and community outreach officer, said, “The Ozark Campus has been committed to environmentally responsible work habits for as long as I can remember.

“We believe that when professionals in all skilled areas perform their duties correctly, the environment wins. We model this performance in the things we do and the programs we deliver.

“James’ work and the Recyclemania effort are ways we’ve found to elevate our commitment to environmental sustainability, and we look forward the success of each.”

Along with helping start Recyclemania at the Ozark Campus, Goodhand, who enjoys playing the bass and camping, will monitor the campus’ energy use and develop “green transcripts” by helping teachers expand and emphasize areas of their coursework that focus on environmental sustainability.

By doing so, graduates will have a better understanding and appreciation of environmental sustainability, and they will be able to communicate that to employers and the community, he said.

“I hope to keep the Ozark Campus moving in the right direction with its commitment,” Goodhand said, “and I expect to learn a lot in doing so.”


Photo: Sustainability Coordinator James Goodhand is spearheading ‘Recyclemania’ on the Ozark Campus. The friendly competition among college recycling programs lasts 10 weeks and encourages students to recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic and cardboard.