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Orientation Leaders Selected

Throughout the summer, hundreds of new students will visit the campus to attend orientation.  Arkansas Tech University has announced the student leaders who will oversee the task of helping these students become familiar with the Arkansas Tech campus.

Four students will serve as orientation coordinators, and these students will work with the Office of Student Services throughout the summer to prepare for orientation sessions and to help lead sessions.

The orientation coordinators are:

  • Breezy Shock
  • Kelly Beck
  • Mandy Wilson
  • Zach Tucker

In addition to these students, nine students will serve as orientation leaders.  The orientation leaders will help coordinate sessions and activities for future students during the orientation program.

The following Arkansas Tech students were selected as orientation leaders:

  • Abbey Clark
  • Andrea Sims
  • Cameron Breshears
  • Carlos Ibarra
  • Kristin Suggs
  • Matt Vu
  • Molly Burns
  • Taylor Phoumivong
  • Wallace Mullins

Students chosen had to meet specific requirements and interview for the position.

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