Organization Spotlight: Tech Sweethearts


Football season is nearing its end this year, but the dedicated support of the Wonder boys from the Tech Sweethearts is not.

Tech Sweethearts is a group of girls who help promote school spirit on campus, especially when it comes to the football team.

Each girl is responsible for decorating one or two of the football players’ lockers before games with inspirational quotes and any pictures they might of them from a previous game.

“The reason we do this is to let the guys know that no matter how far away from their hometowns they may be or whether the last game was won or lost, that they have someone here to support them and to encourage them to keep working hard,” said Sweetheart Vice President Kayla Eveld.

On game day, the Sweethearts give campus tours to prospective football players and their families before heading to the stadium to cheer on the Wonder Boys.

When the spring semester arrives, the girls help the Tech football coaching staff in hosting and recruiting the prospective players and their families. In the spring, they assist with the football team’s golf tournament.

The Wonder Boy-Sweetheart matches are kept secret all season and revealed at the final game. “Despite not knowing exactly which one of us decorated their locker, these guys are so thankful and appreciative. To know that I made a difference in someone’s day is well worth the time for me,” Eveld said.

Also, the Sweethearts meet their player’s parents throughout the season. The parents also keep the secret from the boys. Parents find comfort in knowing that if they are unable to attend a game there is always someone there to support them and cheer them on.

The Wonder Boys team members very much appreciate their “football family” to help keep the morale and to let them know that they are supported throughout the season.