Organization Spotlight: CSPA


A unique organization that helps students transition from the college student to the college employee is one of the fastest growing major-specific organizations on campus.

College Student Personnel Association is an organization for students in the College Student Personnel (CSP) graduate program to network within the field, support each other, and embark on a journey toward professional development.

The organization has more than 100 members that are enrolled in the CSP program, the largest graduate program at Arkansas Tech.

Members of the organization participate in community service activities such as welcoming off-campus students in the mornings with Student Services staff, serving donuts during finals with the Alumni Office, and supporting Children’s Miracle Network.

Professional development seminars are another way students benefit from being part of the group. The executive board hosts various presenters throughout the year to speak on topics suggested by CSP students.

The most recent workshop, “Practicum and Job Searching,” was held this week. Information was presented by the four full-time CSP faculty.

“Our professors go the extra mile with CSPA to make sure we are prepared for the job search and ready to showcase our marketability to prospective employers. Additionally, they ensure our appeal by tailoring what they teach in class to be relevant to the always-changing climate of college life,” said Zane Hight, president of CSPA.

This photo is of some members of the organization at the Fall Résumé Seminar. The seminars are recorded for distance students to also have the opportunity to participate.

For more information about CSPA, contact Hight at

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