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Organization Spotlight: Alpha Phi Omega


Alpha Phi Omega is the largest service fraternity in the nation, and the Phi Theta chapter of APO at Arkansas Tech is proving the organization’s success locally.

Because APO is a co-ed service fraternity, any student can join. The fraternity is primarily based around service, but also participates in social events on campus.

There are more than 360 active chapters internationally. The Phi Theta chapter was established in 1969 and has approximately 20 members.

APO dedicatedly serves hundreds of service hours per semester on the Arkansas Tech campus and within the River Valley.

The fraternity’s motto, “Be a Leader, Be a Friend, Be of Service,” was selected in 1925 when the organization was created at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

“This fraternity is full of people that are looking to impact the community in a positive way. I like the fact that it is relatively small, because it makes it like a family,” Steven Sola, pledgemaster of APO, said.

Some benefits of joining APO include membership to the largest service fraternity in the country listed on a résumé, networking with people who share a passion for helping others, and being able to connect with distinguished alumni of the fraternity.

To join APO-Phi Theta chapter at Arkansas Tech, student are required to pay $55 during their first semester and $20 each semester following.

For more information about Alpha Phi Omega, contact William Childs, president, at