OnTrack Students Take Washington D.C.

Thirteen Arkansas Tech University students are heading to Washington D.C. Tuesday as part of a nine-day OnTrack trip. Students completing the OnTrack program during the 2014-15 academic year were eligible to apply for a reward trip to Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, CA. The students taking part in the trip include:

  • Caitlin Dean
  • Bethany Skaggs
  • Alex Sotomayor
  • Patrick Kamerling
  • Kelsey Nilsen
  • Tulsi Patel
  • Elijah Moreno
  • Kaylee Hefley
  • Alan Herrera
  • Camille Jordan-Clark
  • Blake Bratcher
  • Molly Gibson
  • Suede Graham
  • Erica Goss
Emily Bradley, coordinator of leadership and service, and Chelsea Lairamore, graduate assistant for the Office of Campus Life, are coordinating and overseeing the trip. Throughout the trip, the students will engage in networking opportunities, community service, cultural experiences and leadership development. Be sure to log back on ArkansasTechNews.com to learn more about what the students are experiencing each day. Learn more about On Track.