NHS Presents End of Year Student Awards

The Arkansas Tech University College of Natural and Health Sciences honored its top performing students from the 2017-18 academic year during an awards convocation at McEver Hall on Friday, April 20.

Faculty presenters during the ceremony included Dr. Ruth Enoch, associate professor of mathematics; Dr. Mariusz Gajewski, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Tom Nupp, professor of wildlife science and director of the fisheries and wildlife science program; Dr. Jason Patton, associate professor of geology; Dr. Hamed Shojaei, associate professor of physics; and Dr. Tsunemi Yamashita, professor of biology.

The following students were recognized during the ceremony:

Outstanding Biology Students
Ashlyn Kay Tedder, Sara M. Warrick, David Ryan Williams

Outstanding Wildlife Student
Jessica Brown-Rogers

Outstanding Fisheries Student
Jennifer Sloan

Outstanding Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student
Charles Jordan

Lake Dardanelle Big Bass Scholarship
Katrina Sims

Quail Unlimited/Jim Ed McGee Scholarship
Ashleigh McCullough

Yell County Wildlife Federation Scholarship
Ashleigh McCullough and Drake Cooper

Most Outstanding Mathematics Education Student
Justa Frank

Most Outstanding Mathematics Student
Landon Growns

Fort Smith Geological Society Scholarship
Hunter Vickers

Richard Cohoon Endowed Field Camp Scholarship
Daniel Rivera Belzares

Vic Vere Endowed Field Camp Scholarship
Hunter Lawhon

Tracy Wright Endowed Field Camp Scholarship
Michael Dollar

Geology Foundation Scholarship
Richard Mathews

Geology Senior Fellowship
Hunter Vickers and Hunter Lawhon

American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Achievement Award
Benjamin A. Quattlebaum

American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry Achievement Award
Hannah R. Lykins

Biochemistry Achievement Award
Dennis G. Molina

Organic Chemistry Achievement Award
Aiden R. Brummett

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
Sarah E. Isom

Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award
Harrison T. Dale

Chemistry Senior Fellowship
Ashton B. Hale

Most Outstanding Chemistry Student (Dr. David R. Matayo Award)
Harrison T. Dale

Most Outstanding Physics Students
Jesse Griffiths and Yosuke Kitakaze

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