New Faculty Honored With Luncheon

Arkansas Tech University President Dr. Robert C. Brown and Mrs. Jill Brown hosted a luncheon at Chambers Cafeteria on Friday as a welcome for new faculty members.

Several hundred Tech faculty and staff members attended the luncheon, which is an annualĀ rite of the beginning of school proceedingsĀ at Arkansas Tech.

Click here to view photos from the new faculty luncheon.

Among the new faculty and staff introduced on Friday were:

College of Applied Sciences

*Mr. Jimmy Bailey, Assistant Professor of Emergency Management
*Dr. Malcolm R. Rainey, Jr., Head and Professor of Agriculture
*Dr. Monty J. Smith, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
*Mr. Jerry Wood, Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science

College of Arts and Humanities

*Dr. Erin Clair, Assistant Professor of English
*Dr. Barbara Clements, Assistant Professor of Music
*Dr. Nicolas del Grazia, Assistant Professor of Music
*Dr. Emily Hoffman, Assistant Professor of English
*Mr. William Reeder, Assistant Professor of Journalism
*Dr. J. Edward Townes, Assistant Professor of History
*Dr. Matthew Williams, Assistant Professor of English

College of Business

*Dr. R. Edward Bashaw, Dean and Professor of Marketing
*Ms. Tracy Johnston, Visiting Instructor of Accounting

College of Education

*Ms. Hanna Davis, Assistant Athletic Trainer and Instructor of Health and Physical Education
*Ms. Linda Jackson, Visiting Instructor of College Student Personnel
*Dr. Jerry Mayo, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education
*Dr. Stephanie Pepper, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
*Dr. Lynn Walsh, Associate Professor of Secondary Education

College of Natural and Health Sciences

*Dr. Julia Gist, Assistant Professor of Nursing
*Ms. Heather Jones, Visiting Instructor of Health Information Management
*Dr. Ronald Tackett, Assistant Professor of Physics

Graduate College

*Dr. Mona Chadwick, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
*Dr. Deborah Goodwin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning

Professional Staff

*Mr. Daniel Eshcol, International Student Advisor
*MSG John Folkenroth, Instructor of ROTC
*Ms. Heidi Hanson, Assistant Librarian
*Ms. Catherine Capen-Housley, ASBTDC Training Coordinator
*Mr. Jeff Hudnall, Career Development Specialist/Career Advisor
*Mr. Brian Lasey, Director of Physical Plant
*Mr. James Reser, Director of ASBTDC
*Ms. Cara Slone, Admissions Officer
*Ms. Heather Stout, Student Health Nurse II
*Ms. Tiffany Terrell, Admissions Officer
*Ms. Shanna Turney, Upward Bound Tutor Coordinator
*Ms. Felisha Weaver, Director of Publications and Creative Services
*Ms. Ann Webb, Financial Aid Advisor