New crosswalk, ATM

th St.) in Ozark. The signs, which feature blinking lights when students are crossing, were installed by the Arkansas Department of Highway and Transportation. The signs also feature solar panels that fuel the lights’ batteries. Chancellor Jo Alice Blondin said, “Our chief responsibility is to ensure learning in a safe environment. The improvement of this crosswalk is part of a comprehensive security plan for the Ozark Campus.” In all, the new crosswalk signs cost Arkansas Tech-Ozark $19,624. Also this week, Arkansas Tech-Ozark had an ATM installed in the Alvin F. Vest Student Union by Bank of the Ozarks. Eddie Melton, Bank of the Ozarks’ Franklin County president, said, “Bank of the Ozarks is excited about the opportunity to expand our presence to the Ozark Campus. We hope this ATM will be a great convenience and service to the university’s students and staff.” Melton said the automated teller machine at Arkansas Tech-Ozark is Bank of the Ozarks’ fourth banking location in Franklin County.