NASA Scientist to Talk Eclipse and More at ATU Friday

Mitzi Adams
Mitzi Adams

Mitzi Adams from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center will offer a public lecture entitled “NASA, Eclipses and My Life as a Scientist” at Arkansas Tech University on Friday, Feb. 23.

Adams will speak at 7:15 p.m. in Doc Bryan Student Services Center Lecture Hall, 1605 Coliseum Drive in Russellville. Admission will be free.

The lecture coincides with the Arkansas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, which ATU will host this weekend.

Adams joined NASA in March 1988 as a graduate co-op student. She became a full-time employee in January 1991 upon completion of her master’s degree.

Adams’ primary research work early in her career involved the use of ground-based data from Marshall Space Flight Center’s solar vector magnetograph. With the launch of the Hinode mission in 2006, Adams switched the research emphasis to data acquired in space. She continues to use data from the solar dynamics observatory that launched in 2010.

In addition to solar-physics research work, Adams supported Dr. John Davis with analysis of data from testing the solar X-ray
imager that was built and tested at Marshall Space Flight Center and launched in 2001 on the GOES-12 spacecraft. Her recent research has focused on X-ray bright points and jets.

Adams has served as assistant manager for the heliophysics and planetary branch of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center since 2020.

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