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10:20 p.m.-- Congratulations to Miss Tech Claire Hodgson.  Here is a recap from tonight's pageant.

9:48 p.m.--

  • Miss Tech-- Claire Hodgson
  • 1st Runner Up-- Piper Veazey
  • 2nd Runner Up-- Kelsey Parmenter
  • 3rd Runner Up-- Cora Sanders
  • 4th Runner Up-- Kristen Hayes
  • CenturyLink Interview Award--Claire Hodgson
  • Nona Dirksmeyer Talent Award-- Cora Sanders
  • Audience Appeal Award-- Paige Smith
  • Ray Moll Community Service Award-- Kelsey Parmenter
  • Swimsuit Winner--Paige Smith and Kristen Hayes
  • Miss Congeniality-- Cora Sanders
  • Lindsey Ahrens Vocal Winner-- Cora Sanders
  • Virginia Bachman Scholastic Achievement-- Samantha McKinzie and Cora Sanders
  • Sandi Hodges Dance Award-- Kristen Hayes
  • 9:45 p.m.-- The auditors have certified the results.  The contestants are returning.

    9:38 p.m.-- Q Street Jazz is performing an encore. We should have a new Miss Tech in a few minutes.

    9:34 p.m.-- Melanie McGarrah Moore-- Miss Arkansas 1996-- has the crowd support for her rendition of "Rollin' in the Deep" by Adele.

    9:28 p.m.-- Q Street Jazz is performing one last time.

    9:27 p.m.-- Delta Zeta is presenting Dr. Collins with a gift as a thank you for his hard work.

    9:26 p.m-- Kristen is talking about filming commercials at Miss America.

    9:22 p.m.-- Kristen Glover is performing to Sonata Number 11.

    9:21 p.m.-- Kristen Glover is saying a few thank you's before performing a tap routine.

    9:20 p.m-- All phases of competition are complete.

    9:06 p.m.-- Evening gown is starting now.  Not much longer until there is a new Miss Tech.

    9:03 p.m.-- Kathryn Holcolmb, Miss Arkansas River, is performing an Irish dance.

    9:00 p.m.-- Q Street Jazz is performing a jazz piece

    8:46 p.m.-- Dr. Collins is announcing the rules for the audience appeal award. Intermission time.

    8:43 p.m.-- Kristen Hayes is performing a tap solo.

    8:41 p.m.-- Emily Patton is now performing "Don't Be Cruel."

    8:39 p.m.-- Tabitha Taylor is performing a vocal rendition is "Redeemer."

    8:36 p.m.-- Up next is Cora Sanders.  She's performing a musical scene from a Broadway number.

    8:33 p.m.-- Kelsey Parmenter is performing "In the Arms of the Angel."

    8:29 p.m.-- The next contestant is Paige Smith.  Her talent is a jazz routine to "The Way You Make Me Feel."

    8:26 p.m.-- Danielle Lee is performing lyrical sign language for her talent.

    8:24 p.m.-- Clarie Hodgson is performing "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble.

    8:22 p.m.-- Sarah Miller is performing a contemporary dance routine now.

    8:20 p.m.-- Up next is Leah Cleaver.  She's a second degree black belt and is performing a martial arts routine.

    8:16 p.m.-- Piper Peazey is taking the stage.  She's performing "The House that Built Me."

    8:12 p.m.-- Samantha McKinzie is on stage now.  She's performing a vocal rendition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."

    8:10 p.m.-- Whitney Burrow is now taking the stage to perform a monologue for her talent.

    8:05 p.m.--  Tiffany Squires is performing a vocal solo.

    8:02 p.m.-- Talent is underway.  Chelsea Wilson is performing a trumpet solo.

    8:00 p.m.-- Swimsuit competition is complete.  Miss Arkansas Kristen Glover is performing a tap routine.

    7:52 p.m.-- The swimsuit competition is starting now.

    7:50 p.m.-- Miss Arkansas 2006 Amber Bennett Bynum is performing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  She's nine months pregnant but said she still wanted to serve as a judge at Miss Tech.

    7:45 p.m.-- Dr. Jim Collins is recognizing the parents and grandparents of each of the contestants.

    7:36 p.m.-- The famous Dr. Collins introduction of judges is taking place.  He has the audience laughing.

    7:35 p.m.--  Dr. Collins is explaining the scoring process.

    7:34 p.m.-- The onstage questions are complete.  Dr. Jim Collins did a great job putting the contestants at ease.

    7:18 p.m.-- Each contestant will be asked an ice breaker question and a question relating to their platform.  Contestant number one has just finished her questions.

    7:17 p.m.-- The onstage question is beginning.  This portion accounts for 5% of the contestant's total score.

    7:12 p.m-- Jade Collins, Miss Petit Jean Outstanding Teen, is performing now.

    7:08 p.m.-- Kelly Collins, Miss Lights of Delta Outstanding Teen, is performing.

    7:07 p.m.-- Dr. Jim Collins is introducing Miss Arkansas Kristen Glover.

    7:03 p.m.-- The Parade of Contestants is taking place.

    7:00 p.m.-- The lights are dimming and Q Street Jazz is performing.  We're underway at Arkansas Tech!

    6:57 p.m.-- The lights just flickered, which means it's close to the start of the 57th Miss Tech pageant.

    6:45 p.m.-- Just a reminder, we'll have video highlights from Miss Tech on after the pageant.

    6:33 p.m.-- Arkansas Tech's Green Shoed Photographer is here-- be sure to check the Arkansas Tech Facebook page for her awesome pictures from tonight.

    6:20 p.m.-- Several other titleholders are in the audience tonight for the pageant. I've seen Miss Arkansas River and Petite Miss Petit Jean Valley.  We're about 40 minutes away from the start of the competition.

    6:04 p.m.-- is here and ready for tonight's competition.  The auditorium is filling up, as the competition is set to begin in about 45 minutes.

    3:00 p.m.-- In about four hours, fifteen Arkansas Tech students will compete for the title of Miss Arkansas Tech University. will be at the pageant and will bring you live updates throughout tonight's competition.  We'll see you soon!

    In the meantime-- here's where you can read more about the pageant.