Miss Tech Contestant Modeling Session


The 2011 Miss Arkansas Tech University winner is not the only young lady who will be treated like a queen.

Pageant contestants have received multiple benefits and gifts just for entering to assist in preparation for the competition. Jim Collins, executive director of Miss Tech, says he is thankful for the support shown to the Miss Tech pageant by the Russellville community.

Each night this week, the contestants have a different opportunity to get help preparing for the competition.

Tonight, Joy Murphy, owner of Dance with Joy and the newest Miss Tech sponsor, will conduct a modeling training session for all the contestants to get them ready for the pageant. She will also work with the winner to prepare for Miss Arkansas.

Additional sponsors for the contestant-preparation gifts include Back 2 Basics gym, Jonya Davis with BeautiControl, and Jim Collins’ mock interview judges.

Contestants have the opportunity to win several thousand dollars in scholarships and awards at the competition Friday, Feb. 25.