Michna Takes Leadership of ATU General Education

Dr. Gregory Michna
Dr. Gregory Michna

Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, interim vice president for academic affairs at Arkansas Tech University, has appointed Dr. Gregory Michna as ATU director of general education.

Michna has served on the ATU faculty since 2017 as assistant professor of history. He is a three-time graduate of Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in history as well as a Master of Arts degree in teaching. Michna added a Doctor of Philosophy degree in history from West Virginia University in 2016.

He succeeds Dr. Erin Clair, ATU professor of English, who moved from the role of director of general education to associate dean of the ATU College of Arts and Humanities as of July 1.

“I am grateful to Dr. Furst-Bowe and the search committee for their support of me in the role of director of general education,” said Michna. “I’m excited to begin working in this role and building upon the work that Dr. Clair has done to make general education a priority for the student experience at Arkansas Tech.”

Clair’s leadership of ATU’s general education program included the establishment of six goals — communicate effectively, apply scientific and quantitative reasoning, apply the value of arts and humanities, think critically, develop ethical perspectives and practice civic engagement — for students who have completed the curriculum.

The stated mission of general education curriculum at Arkansas Tech is to “provide a foundation for knowledge common to educated people and to develop the capacity for an individual to expand that knowledge over his or her lifetime.”

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