Live Blog: Tech Idol

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. 10:52 p.m.– The crowd is ready and excited to hear Suede Graham take the stage. 10:51 p.m.– Quite a few cheers from the crowd for Emma. The judges compliment her range and her talent. 10:46 p.m.– Emma McClung is singing Dolly Parton’s Jolene. She is also playing her guitar while performing. 10:45 p.m.– Katie like his performer and that she enjoyed his style.  Chief McMillian said it went well.  Thomas Pennington said he could take it away. 10:39 p.m.– Taylor Paulk is performing next.  His song is I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson. 10:36 p.m.– Thomas Pennington said Carlee owned it.  The other judges agreed. 10:35 p.m.– The crowd is on their feet following Carlee’s performance. 10:31 p.m.– Carlee Garrett is singing now.  Her song choice is I Will Always Love You. 10:27 p.m.– Based on the screams, the crowd really liked it.  Thomas Pennington says the secret to winning is getting the crowd involved, and Adam did a good job of it. 10:22 p.m.– Adam Richter is our next performer.  He has the crowd cheering before he begins his performance. His song choice is Echo by Jason Walker. 10:21 p.m.–  Intermission is over.  We’re getting back to the competition! 10:06 p.m.– Katie and Chief McMillian really liked his performance, and thought he was very relaxed. 10:03 p.m.– Roman LeBahn is the sixth contestant to take the stage tonight. He’s performing Slippin and Slidin by John Towns Earle. 10:00 p.m.– Mr. Pennington said melodious, pure, seamless and musician described Abigail’s performance. The crowd agreed. 9:56 p.m.– Abigail Colbert is up next on the Tech Idol stage.  Her song of choice is Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park, and she is playing the guitar in addition to singing. 9:53 p.m.– Katie said Shannon has a pretty voice.  Chief McMillian said there is nothing mean he can say about the performance.  Thomas Pennington said Shannon did the song justice. 9:50 p.m.– The crowd is clapping away and lots of cheers as Shannon shows her range. 9:48 p.m.– Shannon Roberts is taking the stage now.  She’s singing Bon Iver’s Skinny Love. 9:46 p.m.– Thomas Pennington said Josh has talent.  He believes his instrument is an advantage. 9:45 p.m.– Lots of cheers for Josh Stewart.  He’s happy his girlfriend made it to watch him perform. 9:40 p.m.– Josh Stewart is up next.  He’s performing with his guitar Make you Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. 9:37 p.m.– Chief McMillian said Paxton had a good performance.  Katie encouraged Paxton to have fun with it! Thomas Pennington said good job. 9:34 p.m.– Paxton Huse has the the microphone now.  She’s performing Colbie Caillet’s Take Time to Realize. 9:33 p.m.– The judges loved Lindsey.  Great reviews! 9:28 p.m.– Lindsey Triplett is up first.  She’s performing singing and playing her guitar right now. She’s performing It Is What it Is by Kacey Musgraves. 9:26 p.m.– Tonight’s judges are Thomas Pennington, Josh McMillian and Katie Ferren.  The judges say they’re looking for originality and a great performer. 9:23 p.m.– The hosts for tonight are Chantel Moseby and Joe Means. 9:21 p.m.– We are underway for Tech Idol.  The intro video is playing now. 9:12 p.m.– Students are still coming in. We’ll be getting started soon! 7:27 p.m.– Tech Idol starts in less than three hours.  As a reminder, make sure you use the hashtag #TechIdol13 to share all of your thoughts during tonight’s competition.  We’ll see you soon! 9:00 a.m.– Only 12 hours until the 2013 Arkansas Tech Idol competition begins.  Twelve contestants will compete for the chance to win the title and a cash prize. The annual event is hosted by Residence Hall Association and is a staple of Homecoming week festivities. Here is the list of students competing:

  • Adam Richter
  • Roman LaBahn
  • Carlee Garrett
  • Emma McClung
  • Abigail Colbert
  • Josh Stewart
  • Suede Graham
  • Shannon Roberts
  • Taylor Paulk
  • Lindsey Triplett
  • Paxton Huse
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