Leadership Tech Cohort Three Presents Project Results

Leadership Tech Cohort 3 at RFD 9-20-2019
File photo of Leadership Tech cohort three members from September 2019 at the Russellville Fire Department central station.

Members of Leadership Tech cohort three completed the two-year program Friday, April 3, by presenting the results of their work on innovation projects designed to support the strategic plan of Arkansas Tech University.

These innovation projects are the focus of year two of the Leadership Tech program. Five teams consisting of Leadership Tech cohort three members presented their project concepts and results to an audience that included members of the ATU executive council.

The presentations were made through distance technology as result of measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our Leadership Tech final presentations were very different in format this year due to the influence of social distancing, but each of our groups performed exceptionally under these unusual circumstances,” said Dr. Mary B. Gunter, chief of staff in the ATU Office of the President and chair of the Leadership Tech governing council. “The work they have performed on their final projects over the past year, and the lessons they have learned throughout their two-year Leadership Tech experience, will benefit each of them individually and contribute to enhanced leadership capacity at our university.”

Below are details about each of the Leadership Tech cohort three final projects and the names of those who participated in the project presentations.

For more information about Leadership Tech, visit www.atu.edu/leadershiptech.

Accessible Campus Map
Brent Etzel, Lindelle Fraser, Dr. Justin Killingsworth, Jessica Spicer and Dr. Eric Wondolowski

Purpose: To produce a campus map that would include information about a variety of accessibility resources, including accessible entrances, accessible parking and elevators.

Better Recycling
Jessica Brock, Tracy Cole, Dr. Peter Dykema, Matt Fraser, Dr. Shellie Hanna and Jennifer Lackie

Purpose: To increase the amount of recyclable materials from ATU campuses going to appropriate recycling centers and raise awareness of recycling options on campus.

Extended Operating Hours
Dr. Blake Bedsole, Sarah Burnett, John Harris and Dr. Melinda Wilkins

Purpose: To make ATU more accessible to students and families, as well as potentially increasing staff morale and becoming a destination of choice for prospective employees, by expanding operating hours and introducing flexible work schedules beyond the traditional 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Tech’s Global Family
Dr. Hamed Shojaei, Dr. Rene Couture, Tammy Dougan, Katy Dodd, Sara Bailey and Tera Simpson

Purpose: To develop a professional development opportunity for ATU faculty and staff that will allow them to improve their service to international students.

ZZZ’s are Key
Shelley Culwell, Kristy Davis, Bob Freeman, Tammy Guarino, Dr. Justin Moss, Dr. Debra Murphy

Purpose: To create an on-campus campaign to increase awareness of the importance of sleep in academic and personal success.