Leadership Tech Cohort One Presents Projects

Members of Leadership Tech cohort one have completed their two-year course by submitting plans for innovation projects designed to support the strategic plan of Arkansas Tech University.

The innovation projects are the focus of year two of the two-year Leadership Tech program. Five teams consisting of Leadership Tech cohort one members recently presented their project concepts and results to an audience that included members of the ATU executive council.

“The graduates of Leadership Tech cohort one are to be congratulated for their application of a critical question — what if? — to create projects that take innovative, collaborative approaches to opportunities we have for improvement at Arkansas Tech University,” said Dr. Mary B. Gunter, who along with Dr. Jeff Mott guided the members of Leadership Tech cohort one on their journey. “The results of their efforts are projects that are making and will continue to make a genuine contribution to fulfilling the promise of our institutional strategic plan, mission statement and vision statement.”

Below are the innovation projects conceived by Leadership Tech cohort one and an executive summary of each:

Development of a Family Association
Michael Murders, Hanna Norton, Carrie Harris Phillips, Lydia Rogers, Brandon Wright
“Will focus on increasing retention rates and overall student success through educating and connecting families with resources to support their students’ success. Our project is designed to develop and establish a long-term family association equipped with accurate and timely information. Communication strategies are being created in partnership with MARCOMM and will be shared with family members electronically throughout the year.”

On Track for ATU Staff
Chris Giroir, Josh McMillian, Aubrey Holt, Lesley Krohn, Pat Chronister, Gina Kraft
“Will develop a program that fosters professional development for staff. As a result, there will be tangible support to enhance job performance and increase morale.”

The WonderMap
Rebecca Wiewel, Bruce Sikes, Jeremy Schwehm, Jana Crouch
“WonderMap is a student-centric interactive web designed resource for students to locate the support they need in terms they understand.”

Student Veteran Lounge
Caroline Hackerott, Amy Pennington, Niki Schwartz, James Stobaugh, Alison Taylor, Alaric Williams
“Arkansas Tech University will offer a veteran student lounge and a special section of TECH 1001 for student veterans beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year. Both projects will provide peer support, advocacy and community involvement to improve veteran student retention and graduation rates.”

Streamlining the Alumni Life Cycle Structure — Student Alumni Association (SAA) Revitalization and Alignment
Jeff Aulgur, Susie Nicholson, Fatima Ferguson, Melanie Diffey, Ken Wester, Brooke Southard
“To capitalize on the synergy of existing registered student organizations associated with advancement and alumni by organizing them under the umbrella of a stronger, more robust Student Alumni Association (SAA). Launch fall 2018.”