Leadership Tech Cohort Five Projects Taking Shape

Leadership Tech Cohort 5 Group Photo September 2022
File photo of Leadership Tech cohort five members and facilitators.

Members of Leadership Tech cohort five are engaged in innovation projects to benefit Arkansas Tech University.

According to the Leadership Tech website, participants in the program are divided into small groups that “define, design and complete a specific university project requiring problem solving, innovation, and other activities that promote the mission and strategic plan of the university, a department or a specific program.”

Dr. Mary B. Gunter, chief of staff in the ATU Office of the President, serves as chair of the Leadership Tech governing council.

Below are details about the Leadership Tech cohort five innovation projects.

Project Title: Tech on the Town
Team Members: Drew Dickey, Dr. Delton Gordon, Dr. Laura Jobe, Dr. Jamie Stacy and Craig Witcher
Facilitator: Dr. Erica Wondolowski
Project Description: Engage with community partners to establish a stronger connection between ATU students, faculty and staff and local businesses in order to provide access to entertainment, dining and retail opportunities in Russellville as a means of supporting quality of life for and retention of members of the ATU community.

Project Title: Open Educational Resources
Team Members: Dr. Sarah Gordon, Dr. Jacob Grosskopf, Meredith Lawson, Dr. Jeanine Myers, Dr. Ekong Peters and Sherry Tinerella
Facilitator: Jessica Spicer
Project Description: Investigate the potential benefits of establishing an open educational resources initiative at ATU and create a framework for the sustainability of that initiative.

Project Title: Jerry’s Coaches
Team Members: Jennifer Enderlin, Bryan Fisher, Dr. Keegan Nichols, Lyndsay Simpson and Dr. Robert Stevens
Facilitator: Luke Heffley
Project Description: Improve retention rates among at-risk students by 1 percent and improve students’ sense of belonging at ATU through the implementation of a coaching program.

Project Title: Mobile Memorabilia Collection
Team Members: Dr. Rebecca Callaway, Dr. Jeffrey Cass, Lisa Clark, Laury Fiorello, Chelsea Neal and Dr. Bryan Rank
Facilitator: Pam Cooper
Project Description: Build internal partnerships in support of displaying Arkansas Tech artifacts from the ATU Museum collection at accessible locations around campus as a means of educating the campus community about university history and traditions.

Project Title: Development of an Outdoor Teaching Space
Team Members: Dr. Doug Barron, Deidra Dillard, Dr. Amber Harrington, Dr. Sheila Jacobs and Dr. David Smith
Facilitator: Dr. Jason Warnick
Project Description: Increase student and faculty engagement, retention, focus, enjoyment and mental health by creating an outdoor teaching space that would be a high-impact educational practice consistent with research on the effects of teaching and learning in such a setting.

Learn more about Leadership Tech at www.atu.edu/leadershiptech.