Krueger Gives Final Lecture


Arkansas Tech longtime faculty member David Krueger concluded a 50-year chapter of history at Arkansas Tech on Monday.  Krueger, associate professor of history, gave his final lecture at Arkansas Tech Monday afternoon in the Doc Bryan Student Services Building Lecture Hall before a packed crowd.

Among those in attendance were members of the Arkansas Tech faculty and staff, former students of Krueger, members of his family and students who are currently enrolled in the history course.

Krueger was welcomed to the stage to begin his lecture with thunderous applause from those in the audience.

He continued his discussion on the Middle Ages by covering the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II as his last lecture at Arkansas Tech.

Krueger closed his lecture the way he typically references a figure in history who dies.  He concluded by saying, “I guess all that is left to say is exit Krueger.”

Following Krueger’s lecture, he was presented with a citation on behalf of Senator Michael Lamoureux recognizing his service at Arkansas Tech.

Watch video from the lecture.