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Koch to Give Senior Trumpet Recital Sunday

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Christina Koch of Morrilton says she was “blown away by that Tech sound" the first time she heard the Arkansas Tech University marching band perform in person.

Now, after four years as a significant contributor to the “Tech sound,” Koch is set to perform her senior trumpet recital on Sunday, March 11. The recital will begin at 2:30 p.m. in Witherspoon Auditorium. Admission will be free and open to the public.  Koch was drawn to music from the first time she heard her grandmother play the organ in church. She also admired the piano-playing talents of her older cousin, Sandra, and 10 years of piano lessons from Preston Sweeden helped Koch develop her musical talents. One day in fifth grade turned her focus from ivory to brass. “I remember trying out instruments in fifth grade and absolutely loving the brass instruments,” said Koch. “I also remember my first experiences in band in sixth grade. I first learned my instrument in the beginning high brass class under the instruction of Dr. Albert Nguyen, an Arkansas Tech alumnus. I remember the first time the whole band played together. For a child in sixth grade, playing in an ensemble for the first time is a really magical moment.” Koch attended band camps at Arkansas Tech, and there was never much doubt which institution she would choose for her college experience. “I knew throughout most of high school that Arkansas Tech was the only place I really wanted to be,” said Koch. “I can’t say enough positive things about the faculty in the music department. I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about my field, my instrument and education, but you can learn those things at any university. What makes Arkansas Tech special is the amount of support the faculty provides.” Koch will open her senior recital on Sunday with what she describes as both her favorite and most challenging piece of the performance --- “Masks” by Dana Wilson. “The first movement is extremely exciting and fast-paced, while the second is very slow and reminiscent of a blues ballad,” said Koch. She will also perform “Folksong” by Bruce Broughton, “Eight Profiles” by Fisher Tull, “In Memoriam” by Joseph Turrin and “La Coquette” by Herman Bellstedt. Koch will be accompanied by pianist Dr. Timothy Smith, associate professor of music at Arkansas Tech. For more information about the Arkansas Tech Department of Music, visit or call (479) 968-0368.