Journalism Students Selected to Intern

Seven Arkansas Tech journalism students will spend the summer learning more about their chosen profession.  The students have been selected to serve as summer interns at several companies in the state.

Anthony Caton, director of broadcasting at Arkansas Tech, says the students had to apply and were selected by the companies through a competitive process.

The following students have been selected to intern this summer:

  • Anderson Terry–KFSM-TV
  • Caleb Evans– KHBS-TV
  • Karina Godinez– Dempsey Film Group
  • Michelle Muncy– Arkansas Diamonds Football Team
  • Kim Childress– KATV
  • Naiz Bolin– KATV
  • Jaime Steele– KATV
  • Catie Green– KATV

Caton says internships are highly beneficial to journalism students looking for a career in the journalism field.

He adds, “During an internship, the students gain valuable practical application skills that give them more insight about the concepts they have learned in the classrooms at Arkansas Tech.  Additionally, the students have a better grasp of the professional environment, which is a critical element for those interested in journalism.”

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