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Jones Wins Battle of the Halls

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The ladies of Jones Hall won the Battle of the Halls competition last week, and results for each individual competition have been announced.

After the final tally, the hall garnering the second highest total of points was Roush Hall, followed by Critz-Hughes Complex in third place.

The halls competed in Wacky Olympics, a kickball tournament and hall beautification. On Big Splash night, there were contests for smallest splash, biggest splash, craziest dive and water volleyball.

Additionally, average hall GPA was a factor in the final score, and the halls received points for raising money for March of Dimes.

During the closing ceremonies, the halls had a final chance to collect points in the quiz bowl game.

Marty Sabolo was the master of ceremonies for quiz bowl. He asked questions in areas of theatre, pop culture, Harry Potter, literature, geography, spelling, history and the infamous final category, Arkansas Tech knowledge.

The final question was, “Dr. Kenneth Kersch, the 10th Arkansas Tech University president, passed away. In what month and year did he assume his position at Arkansas Tech?” The correct answer was January of 1973. There were no right answers, but many answers were close, guessing in the early 1970s.

Here are the results of each competition:

Wacky Olympics:

3rd place: Baswell Hall, Campus Court, Critz-Hughes Complex

2nd place: Roush Hall

1st place: Brown Hall


4th place: Roush Hall

3rd place: Critz-Hughes Complex

2nd place: Nutt Hall

1st place: Campus Court, Brown Hall

Hall Beautification:

3rd place: Critz-Hughes Complex

2nd place: South Hall and Garden Park

1st place: Brown Hall, Turner Hall

Smallest Splash:

3rd place: Turner Hall

2nd place: Paine Hall

1st place: Campus Court

Biggest Splash:

3rd place: Nutt Hall

2nd place: Caraway Hall

1st place: Turner Hall

Craziest Dive:

3rd place: Nutt Hall

2nd place: Critz-Hughes Complex, Caraway Hall

1st place: Roush Hall

Water Volleyball:

4th place: University Commons, Caraway Hall, Wilson Hall

3rd place: Brown Hall, Paine Hall, Jones Hall

2nd place: Nutt Hall, Critz-Hughes Complex, Roush

1st place: Baswell Hall, Campus Court, Turner Hall

March of Dimes:

4th place: Nutt Hall

3rd place: Campus Court

2nd place: Baswell Hall

1st place: Jones Hall

Grade Point Average:

3rd place: South Hall and Garden Park

2nd place: University Commons

1st place: Nutt Hall

Quiz Bowl:

3rd place: Brown Hall

2nd place: Jones Hall

1st place: Baswell Hall

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