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Johnson Begins Career Early

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Following a successful internship at KATV, Allyson Johnson, a senior at Arkansas Tech, is beginning her career earlier than expected.

As a broadcast journalism major, Johnson has spent years working to develop her skills in news writing, video editing and producing.

Upon recent completion of an internship with KATV, the Tech student was offered a full-time job as a production assistant.

Johnson credits being well prepared for her internship to what she learned working at Tech TV, but now she applies it to a much bigger scale at KATV. She hopes what she learns about news and video editing from her new position will be reflected in her work when she returns to Tech TV in the fall and shares her new knowledge with other students.

This fall, in addition to beginning her senior year of classes, Johnson will be focusing on her job duties. Some of these include writing stories for the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. news, writing and posting stories for, rolling the teleprompter during shows and acting as assignment editor on Saturdays.

Johnson said she’s learned a great deal from her coworkers about news and broadcast writing. “Everyone I work with is very helpful and I have met some great people.”

As an aspiring reporter, she hopes to learn all she can about the industry from her time at KATV and get her foot in the door in the news business.

“The hardest part of the entire experience is the drive! It's a long way to and from Little Rock, but i feel like it's well worth it. You have to make sacrifices sometimes. “

Going into her career, Johnson said she uses everything she’s learned in her journalism classes at Arkansas Tech.

“I know a lot of degrees teach you so much you don't apply to a career after college, but Tech has offered me practical experience that helped me during my internship and now my career,” she said.

Johnson said she feels fortunate because so many people are deserving of this opportunity.

“I knew immediately I was in the right place. It took me a while to really know what I wanted to do in school. I know now I've definitely made the right choice and I'm very thankful to start my career at KATV” she said.