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Jerry Participates in Zoom Meeting With Peers

Meeting of the Mascots 4-8-2020Image of Meeting of the Mascots 4-8-2020

All over America, live mascots are missing their college students during the social distancing made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jerry the Bulldog, campus ambassador at Arkansas Tech University, commiserated with his colleagues during a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 8.

The conference call included:

  • Butler Blue III and Butler Blue IV, Butler University
  • Victor E. Bulldog, Fresno State University
  • Grady the Greyhound, University of Indianapolis
  • Tupper II, Bryant University
  • Handsome Dan XVIII, Yale University
  • Griff and Griff II, Drake University
  • Jonathan XIV, University of Connecticut
  • Colonel Rock IV, Western Illinois University
  • Dubs, University of Washington
  • Smokey X, University of Tennessee
  • Tech XXII, Louisiana Tech University

"Jerry enjoyed this virtual meeting with several of the best-known mascots in the United States," said Heather Strasner, spirit assistant in the ATU Department of Campus Life. "I also benefited from the opportunity to visit with several of the other handlers and network with them."

Members of the ATU community are invited to join Jerry for a Facebook live event from noon-1 p.m. Thursday, April 16. Participants will have a chance to view live video of Jerry and ask questions about him. The live event will take place at

Learn more about Jerry the Bulldog at