Intramural Field to Receive Lights

Arkansas Tech University intramural sports are going under the lights. The Tech Board of Trustees approved a funding plan on Thursday that will allow Arkansas Tech to install lights on the intramural field adjacent to Arkansas Highways 7 and 124. The lights will enable the Arkansas Tech Office of Intramural and Recreational Sports to schedule more outdoor activities at night and offer students with more opportunities to become involved. The program is already among the most popular on the Arkansas Tech campus.

Grant Watts, coordinator of intramural and recreational sports, said that more than 3,500 Tech students participated in intramural activities during the 2009-10 academic year.

That represents approximately 46 percent of the student population on the Russellville campus.

“This project is in support of a program that continues to grow,” said Dr. Gary Biller, Arkansas Tech vice president for student services. “Our intramural sports office is a busy place, and I suspect it will continue to be a busy place far into the future. National surveys indicate that students who participate in intramurals are not only healthier, but they are also more likely to be satisfied with the place they’ve chosen for college.” In addition to the lights, a new storage building will also be placed on the intramural field. Total cost for the improvements will be $275,605. The Arkansas Tech Office of Student Services has $75,000 in cash reserves that it will dedicate to the project. The remaining balance will be loaned from the university’s educational and general operating funds over a five-year period. To learn more about intramural and recreational sports at Arkansas Tech, call (479) 356-2010 or visit