International Students Speak at Pottsville

Students at Pottsville Middle School are learning more about other cultures thanks to Arkansas Tech students.  Tech international students from Syria, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong visited the school recently to teach the students about life in their native countries.

The Arkansas Tech international students discussed a variety of topics including festivals, food, clothing and history.

The international students also talked about the school systems in the various countries and how the schools differ from those in the United States.

The visit was part of the International Student Speakers Bureau (ISSB), which is designed to “encourage understanding and collaboration through the sharing of cultural experiences.”  The ISSB is an organization sponsored by the International and Multicultural Student Services Office and Arkansas Tech University.

In all, more than 300 international students are attending classes at Arkansas Tech.  The students are from a variety of countries and are encouraged to become involved in community service while attending classes at Arkansas Tech.

To find out more about the International Student Speakers Bureau, contact the International and Multicultural Student Services Office at 964-0832.