Faculty, Staff Invited to Advise LLCs at ATU

The Arkansas Tech University Office of Residence Life seeks Living and Learning Community (LLC) faculty and staff advisors to assist in either beginning new or continuing existing LLCs on campus.

LLCs offer residents an opportunity to live with other students interested in the same major or theme. They will take classes together, form study groups and participate in exclusive major or theme specific programs and services while building community through their common interest.

Reasons to advise an LLC include:

  • Students in LLCs are more likely to stay in college and graduate
  • Students are more likely to achieve higher academic standing with exclusive academic support initiatives
  • Students have easier access to faculty

In addition, LLC students are offered specialized co-curricular opportunities. These include major-specific programs and services, conference attendance, study abroad, travel away, LLC specific tutors, faculty access, specialty labs, connections to alumni and potential careers/internships.

For more information or questions, send e-mail to llc@atu.edu or call (479) 968-0376.

Visit https://www.atu.edu/reslife/llc-home.php for more information.

To apply to advise a new or existing LLC, complete the application at https://www.atu.edu/reslife/llc-form.php by Friday, Dec. 1.

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