Information About Avoiding COVID-19 Quarantine

McEver Hall Classroom 8-18-2021
Arkansas Tech University students attend a class at McEver Hall on the first day of the fall 2021 semester.

Heath Whorton, emergency manager for Arkansas Tech University, has important information for any ATU student who wants to avoid the possibility of quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure.

“There is a misconception that if an individual is wearing a mask and they are exposed to an individual who tests positive for COVID-19, they do not have to quarantine regardless of vaccination status,” said Whorton. “That is incorrect. The mask distinction regarding quarantine only applies only to K-12 schools. Unvaccinated individuals at ATU who are exposed to COVID-19 are required to quarantine whether they were wearing a mask at the time of exposure or not.

“The best way to avoid quarantine,” continued Whorton, “is to become fully vaccinated.”

Arkansas Tech students who wish to receive a COVID-19 vaccine may schedule an appointment by calling the ATU Health and Wellness Center at (479) 968-0329 or by walking in to Doc Bryan Student Services Center suite 119 weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

A list of off-campus locations that are providing COVID-19 vaccines is available at

Learn more about ATU’s COVID-19 mitigation strategies at