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Important Info About Emergency Call Stations

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Arkansas Tech University installed 21 new emergency call stations on its Russellville campus during the 2011-12 academic year. The emergency call stations are part of a year-long effort to enhance campus security at Arkansas Tech.

In the event that an individual needs to use an emergency call station at Arkansas Tech, here it what he or she should expect:

*Pressing an emergency button on a call station will activate a call with the Pope County 911 service. The call stations are to be used only in emergency situations. Those needing non-emergency assistance are asked to call the Arkansas Tech Office of Public Safety office at (479) 968-0222.

*The blue light at the top of the station will blink while the call is in session.

*After pushing the emergency button on a call station, please do not leave the immediate area. Stand back and slightly to one side approximately two feet from the station, look at the station and speak as clearly as possible.

*Be prepared to provide the number of the call station and the address of the call station to the 911 dispatcher if necessary. That information is located on the front of each station.

*If for some reason you are disconnected, you can push the button to re-establish the call.

*Individuals seeking more information about the emergency call stations at Arkansas Tech are asked to call the Office of Public Safety at (479) 968-0222.