Important Dates for Students

Today is the last day for students to officially withdraw or drop a class with 80 percent reduction of tuition, and several other important dates for students are approaching.

Thursday, April 19, is the last day to officially withdraw or drop classes with a “W” for regular term courses. The registrar reminds students it is important to continue attending class until the appropriate paperwork has been completed to withdraw or drop.

Those students planning to graduate in the May 2013 commencement should submit a degree audit no later than Wednesday, March 7, and Summer 2013 expected graduates should do so before Friday, March 30.

See a complete list of important dates on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Students are encouraged to verify with Financial Aid regarding hour requirements and guidelines for retaining scholarships and loans.

Courses with dates which are different from the regular
term may have different registration, withdrawal and refund dates.
Contact the Registrar’s Office at 479-968-0272 for more information.

Contact the Student Accounts Office at 479-968-0271 for refund information.