Hospitality Students Tour NYC Hotels

Arkansas Tech University hospitality students recently traveled to New York City to learn more about the hospitality industry.

The four Arkansas Tech students taking part in the trip included:

  • Josie Chism
  • Allan Gammill
  • Allison Storeygard
  • Aimee Slape

Jack Moyer of the 1886 Crescent Hotel, the Arkansas Hospitality Association and several other local benefactors helped sponsor and coordinate the trip.

During the visit, the Tech students, along with students from two other colleges, toured several hotel properties, management companies and restaurants.

The students also had the opportunity to take part in a hospitality trade show.

Susan West, assistant professor of hospitality at Arkansas Tech, said the trip provided an opportunity for students to fully consider all of the opportunities available to those with a degree in hospitality.

“It was important for our student leaders to get outside of their comfort zone and learn how to reach their goals,” said West. “Talking to such important and successful managers at the tours has refocused our students on the importance of work experience to evaluate whether this is the right industry for them and externships to lead into a permanent placement and management training program.”

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