Honors Related to Student Employees Announced

Grant Franklin and Laura Palmer
Photographed: Grant Franklin and Laura Palmer.

One student and one staff member have been recognized by the Arkansas Tech University Division of Student Affairs for their contributions to an effective student employment program.

Grant Franklin was named ATU Division of Student Affairs student employee of the year. A native of West Fork, Franklin was a student worker in the ATU Office of University Testing and Disability Services during the 2019-20 academic year.

“Grant displays excellent communication skills both within the office and externally to parents and students,” wrote the individuals who nominated Franklin for the honor. “Grant displays all of the standards of Arkansas Tech University‚Äôs service excellence philosophy each day in the way he communicates with our students, parents, faculty and staff. He is respectful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He truly has a knack for showing empathy and just knowing what a person needs.”

Franklin was nominated by Ashlee Leavell, KaShema Washington, Briana Byers, Leann Watson and Tanya Dougan.

Laura Palmer was selected ATU Division of Student Affairs student employee supervisor of the year. She serves as coordinator of marketing and assignments in the ATU Department of Residence Life.

“Laura Palmer is quite easily the best supervisor I have ever had in my life,” wrote ATU student Cymber Henderson in her nomination of Palmer. “I have never been shown such an unbelievable amount of compassion and appreciation as I have been shown in my time working for her. She constantly goes above and beyond, not only for her student staff, but for each and every individual who walks through our office doors. She is an unbelievable problem solver, conversationalist and all around wonderful person. I have learned a great deal about responsibility through Laura, not by ruling with an iron fist, but by showing compassion and making me desire to do well for her, not because she makes me, but because I want to.”

In addition to Franklin and Palmer, the ATU Division of Student Affairs recognized three honorable mention nominees for student employee of the year. They were: Brook Custer, office assistant in the Department of Residence Life; Brittany Keys, peer health educator in the ATU Health and Wellness Center; and Taylor Morton, housing ambassador in the Department of Residence Life.