Holiday Break Discussion Topics

ATU students will head home for an extended time during the upcoming holiday breaks.

After a semester away from college, there are a few points you might want to consider discussing with your child. The topics below may help to ensure a smooth the transition home.

Discussion topics could include:

  • Curfew expectations – Your student may have lived away and could be used to coming and going. It might be beneficial to discuss how this will work over the break.
  • Chore discussion – Your student has been used to doing chores like cleaning the bathroom and laundry as needed. It might be helpful to discuss how these chores will be handled when back at your home.
  • Semester Assessment – After a semester at ATU, it might be worthwhile to assess the semester. What went well? What are opportunities to improve? Are there ways you and your student can partner together to make a plan?
  • Declaring a major – Research shows students who declare a major are more likely to continue their studies. If your child has not selected a major, this might be a time to discuss some options.