HLC Reports Favorably on ATU-Ozark Satellite Locations


The Higher Learning Commission has notified Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus that its operations at Arkansas Tech Career Center (ATCC) and the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) are consistent with established standards.

The finding was detailed in a multi-location visit report provided by the Higher Learning Commission to Dr. Russell Jones, ATU interim president, on Feb. 22, 2024.

ATCC provides courses leading to college concurrent credit and workforce development training to high school students throughout the Arkansas River Valley. ATU-Ozark has been teaching its cardiac sonography classes at ACHE in Fort Smith since August 2023.

As part of routine, regularly-scheduled visits, HLC peer reviewers assessed ATU-Ozark’s overall approach at ATCC and ACHE, including institutional planning, facilities, instructional oversight, staffing and faculty support, student support, evaluation and assessment, evidence of continuous improvement and marketing and recruitment methods.

In each category, the HLC peer reviewers had a choice between “adequate” or “attention needed.” In each case, they chose adequate.

“The institution is committed to providing high-quality education not only on the main campus, but also at additional locations and through off-campus instruction,” wrote the HLC peer reviewers in their report about ATCC and ATU-Ozark’s operations at ACHE. “They currently have additional locations that serve different communities, each offering a variety of degree programs and courses that align with the institution’s mission. The institution has a system in place to regularly assess the achievement of program learning outcomes. This includes program reviews, one-on-one meetings with program chairs and assessments four times a year.

“Student services include academic advising, tutoring, library resources and technical support, among others,” continued the comments from the HLC peer review team. “They leverage technology to deliver off-campus instruction effectively. This includes online learning platforms that allow for interactive coursework, video conferencing for collaboration, and digital resources for enhanced learning.”

Learn more about ATU-Ozark Campus at www.atu.edu/ozark.