Gwatney Elected to Serve on SWACURH Committee

Arkansas Tech student Brad Gwatney has been elected to serve on the regional committee for the Southwest Association of College and University Residence Halls (SWACURH) as the coordinator for retention and recruitment.

Gwatney says he’ll work with colleges and universities throughout the region to help schools build their RHA programs and to help ensure colleges and universities are getting needed support from SWACURH.

During his term, Gwatney says he’ll stay busy carrying out the duties of the position.  He adds, “My job will be to travel throughout the region to visit with schools, and I will also be expected to attend several different conferences throughout the year.”

Gwatney says there are six positions at the regional level, and he is excited to represent Arkansas Tech.  He adds, “It is such an honor for Arkansas Tech to be represented out of all the schools in the region.  What also makes this opportunity great is that I was elected at the SWACURH conference that Arkansas Tech hosted earlier this year.”

Gwatney, a junior at Arkansas Tech, currently serves as president of the Residence Hall Association, and he is majoring in emergency management.