Group Helps Parents Make College Transition

In a matter of weeks, entering freshmen will move to Russellville to begin their college career at Arkansas Tech.  While the students are excited about transitioning to college, the transition is tough for many parents.  The Office of Parent Relations at Arkansas Tech helps parents adjust to having a student attending college.

Luke Heffley, coordinator of the Office of Parent Relations, says the office provides numerous ways to keep parents informed and connected with all that is going on at Arkansas Tech.

“We offer a parent association, monthly newsletters and other opportunities to help parents stay connected when their son or daughter comes to Arkansas Tech,” adds Heffley. “Our goal is to help provide an outlet for parents to connect and a place where parents can ask questions they may have.”

Heffley says college is a new experience for many families, and he hopes to help the families understand the entire process.

He adds, “We know that parents play a key role in the success of our current college students, and we hope to reassure parents that everything will be okay.”

The Office of Parent Relations says the one of the best ways to stay connected at Tech is through the parent association.  Heffley says the parent association sends periodic emails addressing questions that parents might have.

Parent association members also receive a monthly newsletter with information about what is happening that month at Tech.

“The monthly newsletter provides great information for parents,” says Heffley.  “We also try to provide information in each newsletter about ways students will likely grow and change during their time at Tech. We hope the newsletter provides parents with comfort during these changing times.”

There is no charge to join the parent association at Arkansas Tech.  Click here to join.

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Visit their Office of Parent Relations website.