Green and Gold Give Back Planned for November 5

Green and Gold Give Back 2019
This will mark the 10th consecutive year that Arkansas Tech University students have participated in the Green and Gold Give Back day of service.

The 2022 edition of Arkansas Tech University’s largest annual day of community service, Green and Gold Give Back, is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5.

ATU students who are available to serve are encouraged to assemble at the ATU Office of Campus Recreation building at 513 West L Street in Russellville at 7:30 a.m. Groups will be sent to their volunteer locations beginning at approximately 8 a.m.

Advance registration for the event is open at

One of the most common tasks during Green and Gold Give Back is raking leaves for ATU alumni who live in the area.

“I couldn’t appreciate them more,” said Sue Stallings, a member of the Arkansas Tech Class of 1958 and beneficiary of Green and Gold Give Back. “They have done this for several years for me. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s like Christmas morning when they come to help. When we were visiting, I told them what’s even more special is the fact that you all, on this beautiful Saturday, you have given up these hours to do something and give back to the community when you could have been doing something for yourselves. To me, that is so important for young people. They should feel good about helping others. It’s a tribute to ATU that you have this program. It’s a tremendous service and I know others who are the recipients of it must feel the same way. The students are so willing and have great attitudes. They even seemed like they were having fun.”

Lora Brown, now a graduate student at ATU, was among the students who participated in Green and Gold Give Back in 2021.

“We get to go out and help someone in the Russellville community who needs help,” said Brown. “It’s a chance to put a good foot forward for Arkansas Tech and show that we love our school and we love Russellville. I’m from two hours away and I’ve always called Rogers home, but I love Russellville. This is now my home. It’s a really great town and school. I love it.”

For more information about ATU Green and Gold Give Back 2022, send e-mail to Megan Bell, coordinator of civic and community engagement and leadership development in the ATU Department of Campus Life, at or call (479) 968-0276.