Greek Community Achieves Academic Success

When many Arkansas Tech students make the decision to join a fraternity or sorority, they are usually looking to become involved on campus and to make new friends.  However, in the process many find a path to academic success.

Throughout the spring semester at Arkansas Tech, eight fraternities and sororities raised their grade point average from the previous semester.

In addition to improving their grades, the Greek community at Arkansas Tech also currently boasts a higher GPA than that of all undergraduates for the spring semester.

“Studies show that students who are involved in campus activities are more likely to succeed, and I believe our Greek community is a prime example of this,” added Cindy Tesch, coordinator of Greek life.

Tesch says she is proud of the students for striving to achieve academic excellence, and she hopes the Greek community will be an example for other organizations on the campus.

She added, “Academics is a founding value for fraternities and sororities here at Tech.  In addition to involvement within a fraternity or sorority, students are encouraged to manage their time in order to succeed academically as well.”

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