Grant Aids Adult Students in Johnson County

The Johnson County Community Foundation has partnered with Arkansas Tech University to help adult education students have access to GED tests.

The foundation has granted ATU $742 so that the ATU-Ozark Campus Johnson County office in Clarksville may utilize the funds to purchase GED tests for students who cannot afford them.

“In Arkansas, the state legislature sets aside funds to pay for all but $16 of the cost of GED testing,” said Jessica Pipkins, workforce education faculty in adult education at ATU-Ozark. “This grant covers this remaining balance for all Johnson County students enrolled in adult education classes. Knowing that they are not required to pay for GED testing gives students one less roadblock in their pursuit of education. Although students can take advantage of free classes, many would be unable to complete their GED testing, and thus earn their Arkansas High School Diploma, without the generosity of the Johnson County Community Foundation. Students that earn their diploma are more employable and have opportunity to enroll in a post-secondary school or training program. Our hope is that these students will then be able to make a livable wage, care for their families and be a productive part of our local community and economy.”

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