Graduate College Welcomes Growth

The Graduate College of Arkansas Tech University is welcoming exciting changes and embracing new opportunities for growth.

On the eleventh day of classes, the Graduate College reported a total enrollment of 684 students, an increase of more than 20 percent in one academic year.

Partially to credit for the success, is an effort by leaders in the college to raise awareness on the Tech campus about opportunities the Graduate College offers.

Graduate College officials say another reason for the success of the college may be credited to online course offerings. Several programs offer every course online, so geographic barriers are eliminated.

In addition to growth in numbers, the Graduate College regularly reviews and modifies its programs as need.  The Graduate College also constantly looks at offering new programs to better serve those looking to pursue an advanced degree.


“In the graduate program at Arkansas Tech, we look at needs of developing or modifying programs to fit the needs of society for a graduate education,” said Dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Mary Gunter.

The vision of the Graduate College at Arkansas Tech is to empower students through advanced degrees to meet the demands of a global society through intellectual inquiry, scholarly attainment, artistic endeavors and creative pursuits within and across disciplines.

Visit the Graduate College website.