Governor Encourages AGS Students to Follow Principles

Gov. Asa Hutchinson
Gov. Asa Hutchinson spoke to the 40th Arkansas Governor's School on July 30, 2019, at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson stood before the almost 400 participants in the 40th Arkansas Governor’s School on Tuesday, July 30, and advised them to establish and follow a moral compass based upon their personal beliefs.

“Let me encourage you, as you go through life, be guided by your principles,” said Hutchinson while speaking at Arkansas Tech University’s John E. Tucker Coliseum. “I know that as teenagers and growing into adulthood, you are going to be evaluating everything, and that’s fine. Establish your principles, know where you are coming from, know what you believe in and then hold onto those principles throughout your life. It helps me to be fundamentally guided by some principles. Whether it is responsibility, working hard, the concept of freedom or your world view…know what your principles are.”

Hutchinson was the final impact speaker of the 40th Arkansas Governor’s School, which commenced on Sunday, July 7, and will continue through Saturday, Aug. 3.

Students have attended daily classes in one of nine academic disciplines (visual arts, choral music, instrumental music, drama, English/language arts, mathematics, natural science, social science or cybersecurity) and visited Arkansas cultural destinations such as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

AGS participants also viewed a performance by Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre and watched impact movies designed to spark conversations about the role that technology is playing in the evolution of society.

“There is so much false information, either intentionally or unintentionally, promoted out there on the World Wide Web,” said Hutchinson, who also encouraged civil discourse and pursuit of one’s passions in life during his remarks to AGS students. “You have to not simply accept what is out there and what you hear, but search for the truth. Ask the tough questions. Understand what you need to determine what the truth is.”

Founded in 1979 by Gov. Bill Clinton, Arkansas Governor’s School serves selected students from around the state during the summer before their senior year in high school.

The Arkansas Department of Education Gifted and Talented Programs administrator supervises Arkansas Governor’s School with assistance from an advisory council appointed by the governor.

The Arkansas Board of Education selected Arkansas Tech to serve as host for Arkansas Governor’s School from 2019 through 2021. Dr. Robin Lasey and Dr. Jeff Woods from the ATU faculty are AGS co-directors.

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