Gov. Beebe Visits Doc Bryan, Rothwell

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe made a stop on the Arkansas Tech University campus on Monday and offered his appreciation to many of the professional staff members who help Tech students on a daily basis.

Gov. Beebe arrived at the Doc Bryan Student Services Building at 3:30 p.m. Monday.

He visited with staff members in the Student Accounts Office, the Financial Aid Office, the Admissions Office and the Registrar’s Office and asked them about the beginning of school rush.

At each stop along the way, Gov. Beebe paused to visit with students about their fields of study, hometowns and career aspirations.

After a trip across to Rothwell Hall to see the new Arkansas Tech Academic Advising Center, Gov. Beebe spoke briefly with reporters about the tie between higher education and economic development.

“If our college graduates want to go out-of-state for career opportunities they have that right, but they shouldn’t have to leave for lack of opportunities at home,” said Gov. Beebe. “In the midst of the worst recession of my lifetime, we’ve still been able to create 25,000 jobs in Arkansas.”

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