Global Connect: Creating Friendships and Understanding

The Global Connect program at Arkansas Tech offers students native to the United States and from other countries a way to form bonds and shape intercultural understanding.

Within this mentoring program, created in 2006, American students are paired with international students based on their similarities and interests. It creates a formalized environment to form a friendship.

Mentors help students with speaking skills, assist in acclimating them to college life and integrate them in new activities such as student organizations or intramural sports.

The program also allows American students to learn about other cultures through the bond created with their partner.

Pairs are required to spend at least one hour a week together, scheduled by the students.

“The program is so simple. We placed students together in a formalized way to facilitate a relationship that may not have formed otherwise,” Advisor to International Students, Danny Eshcol said.

Currently, there are 29 Global Connect pairs. Eshcol says he hopes there will be at least 50 this semester.

For more information about Global Connect or to fill out an application to become a conversation partner, visit the Global Connect website or contact the International and Multicultural Services Office at 479-964-0832.