Free Training on Suicide Prevention at ATU Ozark

With a yearly average of 368 suicides in Arkansas, it has become increasingly important to educate the community about prevention. Arkansas Tech University-Ozark’s Paramedic/EMS program is hosting a free, educational suicide prevention seminar called safeTALK at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16 in the Student Services Conference Center.

“Many people suffer from mental illness and it is often those we least expect,” Josh Freeman, Paramedic/EMS Program Director at Arkansas Tech-Ozark said. “Suicide is something that is preventable and with the information you will gain from the safeTALK course you will be able to recognize the subtle signs for help. Recognition of the problem and offering resources may save the life of someone you know.”

Why attend safeTALK?
It can be life-saving. Anyone can experience thoughts of suicide. By connecting friends, family members, colleagues, and students with helping resources, safeTALK participants save lives in their communities.

It is simple, yet effective. SafeTALK uses the easy-to-follow TALK steps—Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe—and includes time to practice them so the knowledge is retained.

It is engaging. SafeTALK is a dynamic training that incorporates presentations and audiovisuals. It invites participants to become more alert to the possibility of suicide and how to prevent it.

It is trusted. More than 50,000 people attend safeTALK each year. SafeTALK is used in over 20 countries worldwide, and many communities, organizations, and agencies have made it a core training program.

It has been proven to be effective. Studies show that safeTALK participants feel more confident asking people about suicide, connecting them with life-saving resources, and keeping them safe until those resources can take over.

The seminar is provided by the Arkansas Department of Health. To register, email Community members are encouraged to attend.