Fall 2023 Schedule Set for Arkansas Radio Theatre

Arkansas Radio Theatre Logo

Arkansas Radio Theatre, an initiative that operates in association with the Arkansas Tech University Department of Communication and Media Studies, has announced its fall 2023 schedule.

The series of 15 performances will air on KXRJ 91.9 FM and www.atu.edu/broadcast beginning at 7 p.m. each Saturday from Sept. 9 through Dec. 16.

The fall 2023 Arkansas Radio Theatre schedule includes debut broadcasts of Arkansas Radio Theatre’s performances of “The Florist Shop” by Winifred Hawkridge and “For the Country Entirely” by Gertrude Stein.

Dr. David J. Eshelman, head of the ATU Department of Communication and Media Studies and professor of communication, founded Arkansas Radio Theatre in 2007 and serves as its director.

Eshelman described “The Florist Shop” as a “comedy with a plucky, working-class heroine.” It was written in 1915.

Arkansas Radio Theatre’s production of “The Florist Shop” stars Siddalee Malone, Elizabeth Corley and Julian Cameron. Courtney Mercier served as co-director.

Malone is joined by castmates Blane Freeman, Robert Isaak McCormick and Sarah Pollock on Arkansas Radio Theatre’s version of “For the Country Entirely.”

Arkansas Radio Theatre recordings are made available to the visually impaired through the Arkansas Information Reading Service. Productions of Rudyard Kipling stories by Arkansas Radio Theatre are archived at the Kipling Society library in the United Kingdom.

Archived broadcasts of each performance are uploaded to blogs.atu.edu/radiotheatre.

Below is the complete fall 2023 Arkansas Radio Theatre schedule:

Saturday, Sept. 9: “Candida”
Saturday, Sept. 16: “The Florist Shop”
Saturday, Sept. 23: “Elbow Grease” and Other Plays
Saturday, Sept. 30: “The Florist Shop”
Saturday, Oct. 7: “Unwanted Guests”
Saturday, Oct. 14: “William Wilson”
Saturday, Oct. 21: “The Gray House” and “The Cryptid Killer”
Saturday, Oct. 28: “Masque of the Red Death” and “The Monkey’s Paw”
Saturday, Nov. 4: “Pink Melon Joy”
Saturday, Nov. 11: “For the Country Entirely”
Saturday, Nov. 18: “For the Country Entirely” and “Who Stole the Queen’s Tarts?”
Saturday, Nov. 25: “A Feline Romance”
Saturday, Dec. 2: “William the Conqueror”
Saturday, Dec. 9: “Tammy’s Snowy Night Ride”
Saturday, Dec. 16: “The Christmas Masquerade” and Other Tales

For more information about Arkansas Radio Theatre, send e-mail to deshelman@atu.edu.