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Engineering Students Recognized at Ceremony

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Outstanding engineering students were recognized recently at the Engineering Awards Ceremony and Engineer’s Ring Ceremony.

Junior and senior electrical and mechanical engineering students who garnered a grade point average above 3.5 were recognized and several other special awards were given.

Bradley Williams and Stuart Zurga received the Outstanding Electrical Engineering Student Awards.

Morgan Hines and David Trulove were awarded the Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Student Awards.

The recipients of the Shawn Storz Memorial Award for Outstanding Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Service were Terry Fang and Michael Massery.

Additionally this marked the first year for the "Order of the Engineer” Engineer’s Ring Ceremony, which was held at the conclusion of the awards program.

The ring ceremony is the public induction of candidates into the Order of the Engineer, during which the engineer candidates formally accept the Obligation of an Engineer and receive a stainless steel ring to be worn as a symbol of their commitment to engineering.

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