Digital Content Creation Program Debuts at ATU

Hunter Paige ATU Fall 2023
Social media influencer Hunter Paige (left), who has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, spoke to one of Dr. David Eshelman's classes in the Arkansas Tech University Department of Communication and Media Studies during the fall 2023 semester.

A new degree program at Arkansas Tech University is preparing students for the careers of today and tomorrow in social media.

The ATU Bachelor of Arts degree in digital content creation began in fall 2023 under the supervision of the ATU Department of Communication and Media Studies. According to Goldman Sachs, as of April 2023, the creator economy is worth around $250 billion dollars and is expected to roughly double in size within the next five years to nearly $500 billion.

“This program poises students to capitalize on this expanding industry while either working for themselves or other businesses who rely on social media for exposure and advertising,” said Dr. David J. Eshelman, professor of communication and department head. “ATU’s degree program gives students the skills to work in social media, specifically to successfully create and promote online posts and videos.”

The digital content creation major is part of a full bachelor’s degree program with 30 hours designated to the specific field. Students will take courses in social media, public relations, performance, influencing, digital civility and filmmaking.

“This program is unique in that it gives students the skills to create the material that online audiences will engage with or click on,” said Eshelman. “There are real jobs in this field. Not only can students become influencers themselves, but many graduates will find employment as social media specialists for companies. In fact, many graduates from our programs have landed jobs with strong social media components. Inspired by them, we have tailored this program even more to the skills that creators are required to use.”

Additional information about the new degree program is available by sending e-mail to Eshelman at